Selling your home in Hoover or Birmingham Alabama

Selling a home in any market can be stressful and time-consuming, but selling in today's market can be even more of a challenge. That is, unless you have the right agent doing the right marketing for you. This is not the type of market to try to list and sell your home alone. Those days are gone and to get a home sold right, price correctly the first time, and in front of the right buyers takes the skills and experience of a seasoned Realtor®.

Are you currently worried you may not be able to make your mortgage payment?

If you're in a situation where you're unsure where next month's mortgage payment is going to come from you may need help sooner than later. Instead of throwing up your hands and doing nothing and waiting for the foreclosure notice, a short sale may be your best option but you have to act immediately. A short sale can leave a better report on your credit history and get you the relief you need and you may actually walk away from the sale with money in your hand. Not knowing can be the worse; getting your home sold correctly and negotiating with your lenders takes skill and experience. Contact me if you're interested would like to know more about your current options.


If you are current but you do need to sell there are some strategies and secrets to get buyers in the door and offers on the table. Here are just some of the basics that you'll need to know but for a more accurate list of how to market your specific home contact me for a free listing presentation.Selling in Birmingham

Clean, clean, and clean some more. Buyers are going to expect a perfectly clean home. Remember, you're competing with model homes and new homes in subdivisions that have never been lived in. If you want to compete and ask a higher price you must be offering something more than those other homes. If need be, hire a cleaning agency once a week until your home sells.

Stage for buyers. While this may sound obvious, many sellers simply don't do a thing. They keep personal photos, memorabilia, and collections up for everyone to see. Buyers are not buying you they are buying the house so they need to see the home in its most basic and neutral environment.

Keep colors simple and decor neutral. This would be the time to paint over the red kitchen or the blue bathroom. Keep colors neutral or warm; quite is no longer the most popular choice but a light tan or beige will add warmth and style to any home. Speaking of paint, it may be time to touch up the trim on the outside of the house as well or at the very least repaint the door and maybe the steps if needed.

Curb appeal. Buyers see the outside of your home first so make sure it appeals to passerby's as well as those that see it from the Internet. Keep bushes trimmed away from the house, yards weeded, trimmed, and mowed, and flower choices simple and attractive.

Remember, you can always contact me for a free listing presentation as we do a walk-through around your home offering suggestions and tips to stage your particular house.

Your Birmingham Connection

Whether you are buying in Birmingham, selling in Hoover, or investing in real estate anywhere in Jefferson County Alabama, put my skills and years of experience to work for you. Your dreams and desires become my goals and no matter where in the Jefferson or Shelby County area you are looking to buy or sell I can help make the process easy, stress-free, completed and closed as quickly as possible. Give me a call or contact me anytime for details on listings in the area, mortgage information, or to find out how much your current home is worth. let me be your expert on where to live in Birmingham.



Naniamo Homes says

Selling a home in this market is not rocket science but it does take smart agents that know how to market to buyers. Great post!